Materials To Start Drawing

Do you love to draw? Not sure how to start? Below I outline the basic materials needed and my favourite brands. Also, including a video of me showing you how to draw an apple!

The three main ingredients to any coloured pencil drawing are:

  • Coloured pencils
  • A good sharpener
  • A putty eraser
  • Paper

I use Faber Castell Polychromos, Caran d’Ache luminance and most recently, Prismacolor Premier. Each pencil has a different feel to it. Polychromos are oil based, simply meaning they are hard to break, and hold their tip well. The Prismacolors are wax based and are at the other spectrum to the Poly’s, they lay down almost like crayons. Lastly, the luminance are somewhere between the two, wax based, but hold a point better than Prisma.

Either way, each of these pencils are amazing and equally expensive. All up I’d say I’ve spent $1000 on pencils alone.

A good sharpener. That one has been interesting. I’ve tried looking for the best electric sharpener online in Australia and have not really come up with anything. I use the brand Jakar from the UK and it’s pretty good, but I need to replace the blades and it’s turning into a nightmare. So I’ve gone back to my trusty Brynzeel Design Sharpener. I got it from Melbourne Artists' Supplies years ago and it’s doing me strong, and comes WITH replacement blades, which I haven’t needed to use!

A putty eraser. Similar looking to blu-tac, but will not stick anything to your walls. It’s designed to be shaped into a fine point to get those hard to reach bits you want to erase.

It’s brilliant and the best eraser I’ve used. I won’t leave home without it. Well, only if I’m drawing away from home.

The paper I use is basically anything. Any surface you can find. Strathmore Bristol Vellum paper is a good start, and exxy too. I recently did an Eckersley’s purchase of random papers with different brands. Great big pieces so I can get large works out.

Honestly, that is it really. No need for special blenders or fancy things, just grab those pencils and paper, make sure the point is sharp and away you go!

Check out this video on my YouTube channel to see how to start drawing using coloured pencils!